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The prototype CH-6 created in 1987, which in its evolutionary version CH-7, is nowadays a milestone in the helicopter history.  In fact the elimination of the swash plate reduces the rotating parts in the main rotor and simplifies pilotage.
The CH-7 patented world over is an industrial and commercial reality of these days.  It is affordable in price, reliable, easy to fly and to maintain.

Barbero Brothers

After 7 years of manufacturing and over 120 CH-7 ANGEL flying all over the world, Barbero brothers developed in 1996/97 the CH-7 KOMPRESS project, double seat tandem, dual-control, suitable for training and able of great performances never attained before by piston powered helicopters.
Cabin design : Marcello Gandini.

Kompress Charlie

The company CH-7 Helisport with a product that has conquered credibility and confidence all over the world has never stopped the race to improve itself.
Kompress altogether have flown over 18.000 hours and our test model K1 has exceeded 2.200 hours.
Charlie version is born in 2005 from the evolution of Kompress realized till now in more than 120 units.
The performances with this version have been improved by 30%.

What does the project Charlie bring up ?

  • Fly at a cruising speed (100 MPH-90kts-ISA- real-) with full load
  • Increase of VNE at 130-mph-120 kts
  • Improvement of flight characteristics at high altitude
  • Improvement of consumption and range thanks to a CX with greater performances
  • Keep the max. weight at take-off, increase the standard capacity of fuel
  • Removable tank to make easier the cross country refuelling with a total capacity of 64lt. for a range of 3h at 100 mph ISA
  • Reduction of vibration’s values and therefore the stress of components
  • Acquisition of a styling that is more winning