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Group 04 - Main Rotor Control System



CH7110220 3 Cyclic control rod
CH7110420 1 Primary cyclic control rod
CH7110500 2 Spring holding ring
CH7110600 2
Friction register ring nut
CH7110700 4
Fiber friction
CH7110800 2
Friction spring
CH7111000 1
Slotted plate for lateral friction of the cyclic lever
CH7111300 1
Basic sleeve of the cyclic control lever
CH7111500 2
Cyclic control lever plate
CH7111910 1 Central sleeve of cyclic control lever
CH7112000 2 Spacer
CH7112100 1
Coupling fork
CH7112300 2
Cyclic control transmission square
CH7112500 2
Friction ring
CH7112700 1
Slotted plate for longitudinal friction of the cyclic lever
CH7113100/A 1 Hinge pin for longitudinal adjustment of the cyclic control
CH7113100/B 2 Limit stop ring of lateral adjustment hinge of the cyclic control
CH7113200 1
Friction register rest pin
CH7113400 1
Cyclic control
CH7113500 6
Spacer for central control sleeve plates
CH7113900 1
Hinge pin for lateral adjustment of the cyclic control
CH7114000 1
Limit stop spacer for the collective-cyclic joint fork
CH7114100 1
Guide bushing for collective cyclic joint pin
CH7114200/B 1 Tension link rod register of oscillating plate
CH7061800K3 4 Mast rest shimer to the airframe
CH7061900 4
Mast junction bushing to the airframe
PLX013 16
Conic washer for uniball diameter 6,4 mm.
PLX100K 2