Variation Chooser

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Group 03 - Collective and Throttle



CH7007001K 1 Collective tube
CH7007002 1 Throttle locking hinge
CH7007003 1 Throttle locking
CH7007004 1
Throttle compensator spring
CH7007006 2
Throttle transmission arm
CH7007008 1
Throttle lever locking ring
CH7007009 1
Throttle locking friction ring
CH7007010 1
Friction thrust ring
CH7007011K 1
Throttle lever
CH7007012 1 Throttle lever and cap
CH7007013 2 Throttle opening rod guida bushing
CH7007014 1
Compensator stem
CH7007015 1
Compensator shell
CH7007016 4 + 1
Spacer for adjustment of compensator attachment arm
CH7007017 2
Locking ring of the attachment arms
CH7007018 1 Throttle transmission pin
CH7007020K 1 Throttle control rod
CH7007021 1 + 1
Throttle cable sheating blocks
CH7007022 1
Compensator closing ring nut
CH7007024 1
Throttle transmission sleeve inner spacer
CH7007025 1
Throttle transmission pin washer
CH7007027 1
Collective locking lever
CH7007113100A 1
Spacer for collective adjustment slot hinge
CH7007031 1 Collective - cyclic attachment sleeve inner spacer
CH7007035 1 Pin of the collective adjustment slot
CH7007036 1
Washer for pin of the collective adjustment slot
CH7110500/CO 2
Spring holder washer
CH7110700/CO 2
Fiber washer
CH7111800K 1
Collective - throttle register slot
CH7112200 1 Collective rest
CH7112500/CO 1 Friction washer
PLX051 1
Throttle latex handgrip